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St Neot's – The story so far...

There has been a school on the site of St Neot's since 1869 when the Reverend Richard Powles, a childhood friend of Charles Kingsley, leased the newly built Wixenford House and opened it as a boy's boarding school. Wixenford School remained in Eversley until 1887 when Mr Ernest Arnold, headmaster at the time, had a disagreement with his landlord and moved his school to Wokingham. In 1888 Eversley became the new home of St Neot's when Mr C Locke took over the lease of the building.

St Neot's founder, Cyril Calliphronas, was the son of Reverend D. P. Calliphronas, a refugee from Greece. In 1878 Cyril married Isabella Hervey, youngest daughter of Lord Charles Hervey and together they had two children Ivo and Lilah. It was about this time that Cyril adopted an alternative family surname of Locke. He had suffered many years of misspelling and mispronunciation but matters came to a head when he and his wife were introduced at a house party as 'Mr and Mrs Carnivorous'! After many years of teaching in public schools, Cyril opened his own school, St Neot's in Sunningdale in 1886 with approximately 15 to 20 boys on the register. In 1888 he moved the school to Eversley where he remained its Headmaster until his retirement in 1904.

The school continued to go from strength to strength under its new Headmaster, Arthur Delme-Radcliffe who had enjoyed a brief career as a first class cricketer for Hampshire before taking on the St Neot's Headship. Despite having to nurse the school through the Great War years, numbers continued to grow and when Arthur retired in 1929 the roll stood at approximately 35 to 40 boys. The care of the school then fell to the Reverend Aubrey Hooper and so started a long and happy period under the Hooper family care. Like his predecessor the Reverend Hooper steered his school through yet another World War, whilst still managing to make welcome new additions to the school buildings and increasing the number of pupils.

In 1955 Aubrey Hooper retired and handed the school on to his son Christopher who remained at the helm until 1989. St Neot's continued to prosper, it became a charitable trust in 1955, new classrooms where built and the Simmons Hall was added. When the Hooper's tenure at St Neot's came to an end with Christopher Hooper's retirement the reins were handed to Richard Thorpe who saw the school safely through the next 22 years. Many children will remember with fondness the wonderful stories he would tell them in assembly, his favoured mode of transport – the quad bike, and his own version of school uniform – the gilet. In 2011 another era came to an end and Jerry Gear became St Neot's sixth Headmaster. Though his tenure was short, work was started on a new Forest School and the climbing wall became a popular feature on the outside of the Performing Arts Centre.

In 2013 Deputy Heads Maria Lloyd and Peter Withers were appointed as co-Heads.

During their tenure plans were approved for a new sports hall, floodlit astro and tennis courts and a 25 metre enclosed swimming pool. Outdoor education was established as an integral part of the curriculum and the school was awarded the gold standard Artsmark award by the Arts Council of England.

In September 2015 Deborah Henderson was appointed Head, following the retirement of Maria Lloyd.

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